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Our postal service Rhein Main.

We offer you a top service for the areas of Courier deliveries, personal deliveries, franking and now new hybrid mail. Our team in the Sachsenhausen office attends to the needs of our 150 odd clients and around 40 colleagues in the Rhein Main region.

Our experienced team are all permanent employees and are deployed locally, close to their places of residence. Because only a few customers are grouped together for each tour, we can offer our clients a high degree of punctuality and on each tour our stand-by drivers in the background ensure a worry-free comprehensive service.

We are happy to provide you with more information.

Office hours:

Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.


Freecall 0800. 767 886 87 — Phone 069. 490 855 51 — Fax -52
Mail info@prm-mail.de


You will find our PRM Mail Saver Deals here. Enter your wishes there so that we can provide a quotation, which is tailored to your special requirements.

Mail transportation

Mail transportation:

++ Daily mail transportation is our specialty ++
++ Mail delivery from the post office box starting at 7 am. daily ++
++ Mail collection until 7:30 pm. daily ++
++ Bank tours to all institutions downtown ++
++ Exchange mail transportation between your branch offices ++

• Early and late service
• Period of validity
• Prices
• Services included
• Trial service
• Advice on mailing
• Personnel concept

Early and late service

You would like to receive your mail at 7am? With a proper post office address this is possible any time. We will tell you how you can obtain such a post office box, or organize one for you immediately. This is what we mean by customer service. Save valuable processing time through our late service until 7:30pm. We deliver all letters and franked parcels on the same day until 8pm.

Period of validity

Dissatisfied customers are unheard of here! We concentrate on reliable service instead of concentrating on long periods of notice. Therefore, you can terminate our service contract up to four weeks before the end of the month at any time.


The quoted prices are basic prices, which are valid for most of our customers. They depend on the amount of mail, the service time and the route. We would be most happy to work out a firm quotation for you, which perfectly matches your requirements.

Services included

We transport all special items, such as registered and insured letters, parcels and packages together with the daily mail, without any surcharge. Furthermore, we can apply for post office boxes for you, deliver dispatch forms, application forms, package franking and stamps. Any incurred postage costs are charged in accordance with the terms of your individual contract.

Trial service

Just give our service a try - there’s no commitment during the trial period. Our trial service offers the opportunity to get an impression of our service during the first month and you can terminate with one week’s notice. During this trial period we compile statistics on the amount of mail and the time in order to create a solid base for our quality management.

Advice on mailing

Our customers get the benefit of our know-how on all questions concerning mail dispatch, without any surcharge. Whether it’s to do with unusual wishes, special modes of dispatch or the improvement of postage - we look forward to providing you with advice and support. Also, all mail formalities are routine business to us, so you can confidently? leave them to us any time. As a customer of PRM you have a personal contact person. In everything that has to do with the subject of mail we provide you with assistance - from the first quote right down to your daily business.

Personnel concept

Since the service we offer requires a great deal of trust, we employ exclusively permanent full-time and backup staff (who by the way all have a good-conduct certificate). The backup staff are trained in our daily business at PRM’s expense. This way, they are one hundred percent ready in case of need. Good working conditions and an adequate salary for our mostly elder employees ensure our high quality standards, as well as reliability and motivation.  





++ We offer Personnel services for:
++ Mailroom ++ Reception ++ Telephone switchboard ++ Caretaker ++ Document Management ++

• Personnel service
• Outsourcing

Personnel service

As an outsourcing-specialist concerning mail we bring along a great deal of know-how concerning the subject of personnel. Therefore, we compose our teams based on agreement with our customers.

But not only an adequate personnel is important to us. The perfectly needs-adapted service, based on permanent quality control is essential for a good co-operation.

Whether as holiday replacement or for Christmas peak business, for one hour a day or three people full-time, whether temporary work or outsourcing - just ask us. Our sales staff will gladly work out a concept to suit your requirements.

But it’s not only the right personnel that’s important - it’s our regular quality control, ensuring that our services are continually adjusted to changing needs, that’s the be all and end all of successful collaboration.


As outsourcing specialist for everything to do with post, we come with a lot of know-how about staffing. We put dedicated teams together in close consultation with our customers.



Franking service

Franking service:

++ Our mobile mail service offers:
++ Franking service starting at 0.25 hours per day ++

• Frankierservice
• Document management

Franking service

Do you get dragged away from your work every evening in order to organize the post, only to discover that the damned prices have changed again? In future, concentrate on your real job and leave the annoying postal ritual to us. From a one man office to a company - our franking service helps you to manage your daily outgoing mail, starting at as little as a quarter of an hour a day upwards. Your personal contact person will gladly give you free advice without obligation on your part.

Document management

First thing in the morning, how would it be to find your entire incoming mail as pre-sorted files on your computer, whether it’s in your office or mobile on your laptop? Add your personal notes and then off it goes to the next department… From now on you will find any document instantly through an organized filing system with multiple keywords and full text search. By digitising your correspondence and other papers you will save on the one hand a lot of time and on the other, of course, a lot of space.



Hybrid post

Hybrid post

++ Mailing campaigns: Best-price postage ++
++ Daily pick-ups ++
++ Saver deal: from 75 €-cent / letter, incl. Postage plus VAT ++  

• What is Hybrid post?
• How does it work?
• What does it cost?
• How much do I save?
• Who can use it?
• How do I pay?

What is hybrid post?

Our clients post is printed centrally by us and processed for same-day delivery by the Deutsche Post AG (German postal service). All letters, which have been pre-announced and arrive before 5 pm, are processed on the same day.

How does it work?

You send us your mail as a Word or PDF file, for example. We print the files either in black and white or in colour, on our white paper or on your own letterhead. We fold them, put them in envelopes, frank them and then deliver them daily to the Deutsche Post AG. If you wish we can send your mail using the Best-Price Postage option.

What does it cost?

A single sided standard letter up to 20g costs, including printing, folding, putting in the envelope, franking, paper, the DL window envelope and daily dispatch starting from 75 cents plus VAT. We are happy to discuss the exact conditions on the phone or in a personal meeting. Our free hotline: 0800 767 886 87.

What do I save?

Based on a study published by the German Federal Network Agency, the production of such a standard letter costs around 1.20 €. Since you e-mail letters directly to us, you save the costs of printer, toner, envelopes, paper, storage and shelf space, franking machine, dispatch and coordination with the German postal service. So, you are saving time, office space and money.

Who can use it?

In principle, anyone who is registered as a customer with us and wants to send more than around 100 letters a month can use our Hybrid Post service.

How do I pay?

Our regular customers pay per monthly billing. New customers pay per direct debit.




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